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Hazim A. Mulic, MD, DScMed (PhD)

- neuropsychiatrist -

Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology

Pula - Croatia      tel. +38552/540909

Dear countrymen,

Welcome to the first Cyber Neuropsychiatric Ordination opened for people who are, by their origin, from former Yugoslavia. Internet offers now all of you the possibility to contact directly the neuropsychiatrist who speaks your mother language and knows your culture and mentality better than any domestic psychiatrist/psychologist. This is of great importance for the effective treatment and proper counseling in psychological matters and in resolving your problems in your daily life.

Psychotherapy and Counseling Online is the professional internet service dedicated to providing you with high quality, expert and confidential advice and guidance. Whether your problems are personal, familial, social, health-related or due to work, Psychotherapy and Counseling Online is a service to help put you on a new road to greater hapiness, peace-of-mind and health.

Psychotherapy and Counseling Online is an internet-based service which is simple to use, convenient and offers you the benefits of counseling in your own home whenever you require assistance. On this website you are able to send confidential letters of inquiry and receive personal and confidential replies for a reasonable fee.

Your comments and suggestions are also always welcome to establish this service as one of the best available on the Internet.

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Computer and Internet Addiction

Neurologic and Psychiatric Consultation

Services are given in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language.